electrical abs light, airbag light on 1993 Chrysler Concorde

Sometimes when starting the car the airbag and ABS lights stay on and nothing electrical (windows, head lights, turn signal, radio ect.) will not operate. Most times I find the radio or fan in the on position when this happens although I have had them in the off position before starting engine. I have found that restarting the engine with my foot on the brake will make a pop sound and operation will return to normal after doing this once or twice. Any ideas on what may cause this?

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Hi, I had the same problem. Surprisingly it's caused by the ignition switch being worn. Once it was replaced, the ABS light never came on and the windows and AC/Heater worked as well.
I just found that it was the ignition switch in mine too. How much did it cost to replace yours?
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thanks, obxcats and afridih. I'll be the 3rd to confirm that replacing the ignition switch resolved the above issue. The switch cost $30 and I replaced it myself (1.5 hours labor estimate at repair shop). My car is so old, I would have scrapped it if it weren't for this exchange.
Yes it is the ignition switch. I did find that when I started the car the key would stay to far forward. I simply turn it back a fraction and all is well. You may try this before replacing the switch when your car is as old as mine (16 years). This works every time and I have been doing so for 5 months now. Makes me think that the only thing wrong with the switch is its a bit worn and the spring, or what ever, has weakend and doesnt turn the key back like it should. This is an easy fix and costs nothing!
I have a 98 Concorde that is doing this. Never happens during our cold Idaho fall - winter - spring but once we see 60 or 70 degrees outside it starts doing it occasionally. Ignition switch huh? Well I am getting ready to sell the car so I may hold off and cross my fingers... or not, but I an happy to know what is causing it now!
It sounds like you have an electrical short that involves your radio and brake switch. Any radio work done lately?