Electrical on 1993 Nissan Quest

I'm having a problem with my battery being drained. This is the 4th new one I've put in and after a month or so, I have to have it recharged. What's causing the drain? And, my motor for the passenger seat belt quit working, so I disconnected it. What's the cost for a new one? Lastly, my door light indicator on the dash won't go off and all the doors are shut. How do I get that fixed?

by in San Diego, CA on April 11, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on April 13, 2009
The problem with the battery drain is that something is staying on when the vehicle is turned off. If the door indicator light is staying on then that's the first place I would look. To make sure you repair the problem you will have to check to see how many milliamps the system is drawing. There should be no more than 50MA drain on the battery.
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