electrical on 2000 GMC Yukon Denali

my windows,wipers,and radio all go out at the same time.Ten min. later it will come back on.It looses no time on the clock.but it will go out all the time.

All of the items you say stop working at times get their power from the retained accessory power circuit. The retained power is what allows you to operate the windows and listen to the radio after you turn the ignition off until you open the drivers door. The Body control module controls power to the RAP system - it could have an internal fault. There could also be a poor electrical connection between the underhood fuse box and the BCM or between the BCM and the instrument panel fuse box. The fault could also be with the ignition switch or the wire from the switch to the BCM. When the fault is happening it should be fairly easy for a qualified technician to perform some quick tests to begin to isolate the cause of your problem.
I had the same problem with the radio, wipers and windows all stopping. I tried running the diag procedure for the BCM but couldn't get into it. I then read online about a loose connection in the BCM, so I took the 4 screws out of the console and removed the BCM, inside is a small circuit board. On the back of the circuit board where most of the soldering is there is a bad connection to a relay. Re-soldered the connection and the problem went away.
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This is typically the RAP module(retained accessory power). I had the same problem. I removed it from the center console area, opened it up, and found a bad solder joint where the . Touched it up with a solder pen, and all is well. To diagnose,

I found the bad solder joint where one of the relays mounts to the board. Depending upon the temp, it would short on or off.