electrical? on 1993 Toyota Previa

When I first purchased my used 93 previa the only thing wrong was that the rear heat didn't get hot, it was great for a/c but no heat. No biggie. It still got warm throughout with just the front heat. THEN the lighter went. I figured it was bc of my cell charger - oh well- I can deal. THEN my heater stopped blowing. It would go, then if I switched air intake it would come back on. After doing that a couple times it just quit completely. WHAT IS THE DEAL HERE?! Aren't there two blower motors in this thing? Isn't it rather odd they would both go at the same time or am I mistaken? What else could this BE and what can I do??!!

by in Effie, MN on January 27, 2010
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ANSWER by on January 27, 2010
Electrical issues can be difficult to figure out, start by isolating the problems, focus one fixing one at a time. The lighter fuse should be checked, it may have blown. Then focus on one of the blower motors, check for power and ground to the motor, and after fixing that problem, if you still have other issues move on to them. If diagnosing electrical circuits is not something your experienced with, you should take this to a professional. If you want to tackle this, then get a wiring diagram, study the circuit your working on and get a voltmeter and diagnose it.
COMMENT by on January 27, 2010
OK what I do know is that no fuses are blown at all. LOL. The guy at the car place I took it to told me everything was hot when he tested it... so I don't get it.
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