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2011 Volkswagen Golf Question: Electric windows auto open

The electric windows on my 2011 Golf TSI have intermittently opened whilst the car was not running and my car, is therefore, at significant risk of theft. Was wondering if this was a known defect, and if so how do I go about rectifying the problem. -
Answer 1
this should be a warranty repair at the dealer..... -
Comment 1
any idea what would be causing this ? -
Comment 2
there is very little information published by manufacturers for 2011 model year vehicles. independent repair shops must buy this information and there is no use for 2011 information for at least another 3 years. ask yourself: if I took my 2011 Golf to Bob's VW Shop, how much would I be willing to pay to diagnose this problem? the answer is "nothing" because the VW dealer will diagnose it free. -