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Buick LeSabre Power windows may fail

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I have 3 windows that will not go up or down although the drivers side works fine -
Three of the four window regulators failed. Metal wire broke on all three. 50-70 dollar part. Paid dealer $500 to replace the first one. Did the second one myself and it took 1 hour 30 minutes, only 15 minutes to replace the third one. Found a great instructional video on youtube. -
The rear window on driver's side will not go up or down. We are taking it in to be fixed today, June 24, 2014. This car has been driven very little. -
The three passenger windows quit working. They wouldn't stay up either. Evidently there is some kind of cable something or other in it, and that came apart and got all knurled up in there. I don't know cuz its my x's car and I never took the panel off to look at it. But anyway, the driver window is fine, the other 3 are not working and one has a wedge holding it up. -
power winow fails because cable jumps out of roller. -
On my 2000 Lesabre previous owner had 3 power windows brake. The 4th broke for me. On my 2003 LeSabre 1 window broke. Motor or regulator each time! Buick should have recalled the power window parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
All window regulators needed to be replaced within a year.I had the repairs completed in the summer. Then after replacing them,and not using any of the windows,with the exception of the drivers window all summer, I had to replace two more regulators again the next summer, as the windows just fell one after the other during the winter months. I drive less than 3,000 miles per year. In my opinion this is a very bad design, and the manufacturer should be responsible for these repairs. -
Passenger switches fail to move window. Driver switches are all OK. -
one front and one rear dont work -
Only the drivers window will go up and down. The other 3 will not work at all -
I have had all of my windows do this. I have replaced each one. The window cost $100 plus at any auto parts place, but comes with a lifetime guarantee. When I recently had to have another 2 replaced, I simply bought a new one at said auto parts store, had it put in for $35 and returned the one under warranty. It was expensive, but all 4 of my windows work and are now under warranty forever. -
All electric windows, except for the driver's door, stopped working. 2 of them actually came off their "tracks"(?) then they dropped all the way down inside the door. I was told by my mechanic that the motors were worn out and not functioning properly. -
Both back windows will not stay up. Its like the windows are not on a track. I also have airbag issues. The drivers side airbag sensor went off on a hot day and then it split my dashboard. I have an inch split that is about 18 inches long at the seam on my dash. -
Had to replace complete motor assembly $300 Then it happened 14 months later with same window. -
3 of 4 windows don't work. Drivers side automatic works fine. -
At first the drivers side switch only rolled the window down, but not up. Then Passenger side window was working when just the passenger did it. Now, it won't work at all and it seems like the passenger back is starting to have the same problem. Both drivers side windows work fine. -
The tracking systems in all four of my windows have broken. Hence, I have replaced all but 1 of the window tracking system. Mechanice said it was because the parts were plastic. Replaced them with metal parts. Wish GM had put in metal parts in the first place and saved me $1500 ($500/window - parts + labor) -
they just seem to wear fast and one was knocked offtrack in a miner rear ender. -
Both of my back windows can not be controled by the person sitting in the back. only way to open windows is from driver's control panel. -
window regulator broken on front passenger side -
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