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1991 Buick Skylark Question: car won't start

i was repairing power windows and fuse blew and stopped the car from strating and everything else from working. looked for window fuse under colum and it didn't have one for it and all other fues under there o.k. looked under hood and found no fues panel box.....,what the heck did i do to stop everything from working and the car not starting. have brand new generator and battery only a week old..... -
Answer 1
There is likely a fuse link at the starter wiring that may have melted. Start there in your diag. When working on power windows you should unhook battery before working. -
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thanks. idon't have a book on car so i can't track fuse links and looks like 4 relay fuses (1/2 in. sq.) under hood to i.d. them) -
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