Electric Door Locks May Malfunction on Mini Cooper

There are reports of the electric door locks malfunctioning.

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Average mileage: 85,043 (40,000–161,000)
6 model years affected: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, more2008, 2009
43 people reported this problem
28 people shared problem details
Passenger door lock does not unlock using key fob or interior unlock switch. Door must be unlocked manually.
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2005 Mini Cooper61,000
All door locks will lock. But driver side lock will not unlock remotely with key fob.
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2004 Mini Cooper145,000
Passenger door no longer unlocks using the key remote or the interior lock switch. Must be unlocked from the inside by pulling on handle.
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2004 Mini Cooper92,500
both passenger window and lock stopped working. you hear a "click" when using the central console unlock/window down, but nothing happens on passenger side. drivers side door lock still works fine (already replaced window motor around same time!) Manually able to open passenger door from inside car.
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2004 Mini Cooper66,000
pax door locks with remote, wont unlock. drivers side works properly.
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got out of car to replenish washer bottle car still running passenger for shut and drivers door fortunately not fully shut but on catch. After shutting bonnet tried to get into car and the central locking had activated with car running and me outside. managed to get a long cane between top of window and roof and toggle the door lock switch on panel below radio. Passenger door opened not drivers but it enable us to get in. what causes this?????
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2005 Mini Cooper71,399
The right door of 2005 mini could not be opened from the inside but had to be opened manually from the outside. Also, you could lock the door using the key fob.This problem apparently came about after a passenger had tried to let himself out and was not aware of the correct operation of the door.
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2004 Mini Cooper127,000
I purchased this car in 2005 with about 3.000 miles on it. I have replaced window motors 3 times, power steering (reimbursed by Mini, but had to drive from Tahoe to Southern Oregon without power steering)and now the driver side door won't unlock with key faub or interior door lock switch. The driver side door locks with key faub, but not with interior door lock switch. I love this car and for the most part it has been a great car. This however, is a major safety issue.
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2005 Mini Cooper95,000
Driver side door will not lock with FOB or manually. When pressing the lock down physically it pops back up as if the key was still in the ignition as a safeguard preventing you from locking your keys in the car.
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2005 Mini Cooper105,000
Yup, my FOB seems to work and it sounds like it unlocks the doors, however the driver's side door needs to be unlocked manually. And the passenger's side door fails to unlock at all.
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2005 Mini Cooper80,500
Drivers door will not open with remote, but will lock with remote.
2009 Mini Cooper75,000
Driver door will not open with either handle. Lock responds to key and fob but door still does not open. The opening handles don't feel like they are "doing anything". Over the winter I had several times when the door would not close completely. This would come and go. This non-opening condition gave no warning. Service manager at the dealer says he has never seen this in his 8 years with Mini. BMW tech (they share a service area) had seen a similar problem with a BMW once (called it stuck in double lock mode) Car still at dealer. They say they are going to have to cut the striker to get the door open.
2008 Mini Cooper100,000
The door won't open because the lock seems to get stuck and requires the door to be pushed in hard before unlocking.
2003 Mini Cooper103,009
Electronic driver side lock failed. Console switch nor key fob activate the lock. Can not manually lock the door :(
2008 Mini Cooper59,450
Driver's side door lock would not engage manually or with key fob. Door lock actuator replaced. $300 repair. After repair, wind noise in driver's door.
electric key locks but won't unlock. Unlikely to be tne Acutators as happened to both doors and the rear hatch at the same time. So far 3 auto elcectricians say it is the actuators but I don't understand why it only affects the opening not the locking and how it affected all three doors. I suspect it is an electiricla malfunction of a system that operates all three at the same time to activate each of the opening systems. Does anyone have any ideas?
2002 Mini Cooper102,000
Drivers door wont unlock with remote or center console just lock.
2002 Mini Cooper85,000
electric lock on passenger door failed to respond to remote first, then completely unresponsive. The only way to open the door is manually from the inside. Driver door is now unresponsive to remote, but the key still works. Too expensive to repair ($250 per door), I can live with it.
2005 Mini Cooper42,000
Passenger door lock will not open with fob or lock toggle, just manually. Then something bound and snapped manually opening driver door. It will not look like it is locked but opens and closes OK. Something is hitting when window goes up and down. Need to open both door panels to see what happened. Very disappointing for BMW.
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