electric door locks failed completely on 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

The key fob, the switch on door and when shifted into or out of park does nothing to lock or unlock the vehicle

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The power door lock fuse is in the under hood fuse box, fuse #21 - check it. If it is blown replace it and check the door lock operation. If it blows again the problem will need to be diagnosed. If the fuse is not blown the door lock system will need to be diagnosed. You may need help with this one.
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I have the same problem, changed out the fuse...still blows out. Took left side door off and found broken wire at the pin connection port. No way to repair, have to install new harness from door. If I don't open the door all the way, it works fine.
This is what GM should do as a recall fix AFTER fixing these damn harnesses! They know the doors are pulling on the connector pins. TS for us though. Obama wins.
Wow....that answer took a 6 months to problem was the harness on both doors of the Colorado pass behind the door opening stop and each time the doors were opened all the way, it pinched the harness, finally grounding out and blowing the fuses. Need to remove door panels, disconnect harness at plug, feed it back through panel and fix broken/pinched wires with shrink repair fittings. Wire tie the harness away from the stop. Takes some time but haven't had a problem since.
the modulator that cnotrols your power windows also control the power locks... $400 to replace the unit
Engine light comes on aroung when the vehicle gets to a Quatre and a half tank og gas