elec problem on 1992 Ford Bronco

no spark to engine,replaced coil, computer control mod,distributer cap with works, power is ok when key is off when on no power to any coponets ?only bad code 02sencer getting fuel to injecters.replaced ingition componet with EEC relay along with a resistor located on side of coil still am getting no spark to engine all new elec coponets are in

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Need to check your EEC relay and your ignition switch. if your ignition switch has a bad leg, only part of the system will work, like the radio but not the engine. Good Luck!
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Do you have injector pulse? Any trouble codes?
CAN YOU NOT READ!! DO YOU HAVE INJECTOR PULSE AND TROUBLE CODES?? dandd is proably correct. Bad ignition switch. You have wasted your money already shooting parts at it. Why not a ignition switch.
What are the TROUBLE CODES!
still no spark to engine at this time all coponets are new, any more ideas sure would try them out,