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GMC Safari EGR Valve Stuck Open Due to Carbon Stuck in Valve

GMC Safari Problem
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Model Years Affected: 1992, 1993, 1994

Average Mileage: 134,325 mi (119,650 mi - 149,000 mi)


4.3L V6 multi-port FI only
The exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) may stick open causing a rough idle and the Check Engine Light to illuminate. Our technicians tell us that a piece of carbon may become stuck in the valve causing this problem. Cleaning the valve will usually correct this condition, in some rare cases the valve will need to be replaced.

  •  Rookie

    This happened to me in Napa in 114 degrees wih my pets in the car several years ago and I think its happening again. I need to find how to get it off and I found the part for $159.00 or I need to find out how to clean it. It costed $500.00 + on the road, boy they saw me coming!!!

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  • GADDANG1, , 119,650 mi

    Driving along when all of a sudden my van wants to die, the idle is rough. I have to feather the pedal to keep the engine from stalling and shutting down at every intersection. I thought it was the battery, but t'was not the problem. Was told maybe the Catalytic converter. Exhaust system check revealed nothing. Van running smoothly for 2 weeks until the problem occurred again. Brought Van to the GMC Dealership. Scan revealed problem with EGR. GMC Servicewriter told me EGR was bad, and need to be replaced. I wasn't told it could be cleaned. EGR was replaced. No problem driving home. The following morning driving to the store,the problem started again. I returned my van to the GMC and told the Servicewriter of the same EGR problem. They repaired the EGR problem of removing carbon deposits in EGR exhaust system. Servicewriter phoned me my van is GOOD TO GO. So far, no problems driving home and elswhere today. I will observe for re occurance.

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