EGR Valve on 2002 Ford Escape

My check engine light came on, and I was told it was my EGR Valve. I got it replaced. How many miles does it take for the computer to reset itself so it can be inspected? And why has my light came back on?

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#1 where did you get your check engine light checked?
#2 what was the code in the computer
#3 computer wont reset it self.
#4 the light might be back for another fault code or the egr was repalced because that wasnt the problem
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I had a similar situation. mine said cylinder misfire on 4- then 5; changed spark plugs, didnt work- changed coil packs- worked for 3 days, then came back on. THEN was told it could be the EGR valve...replaced that too- light is still on. Now we are taking it to dealer to see if it is the catalytic converter (the only 1 out of the 3 that we havent replaced yet, lol)..... You have to have it cleared in between engine lights b/c they wont reset themselves. Is your car still running funny- or is it fine & the light is just on? Mine still ran funny- in fact, now it wont go over 35 mph. But it yours is running fine, take it in & have them clear it for you- then see if it stays off or if it comes back on. You'll have to start there. Good luck!!