EGR Valve on 1992 Toyota Camry

I found the egr valve with no lower vacume hose on it and also noticed it was plugged intentionally from the prior owners. Can you tell me where the hose would go from the bottom of EGR Valve? The car also runs rough during idle and acceleration as well as vibrates the whole car allot, could this be bacause they unhooked and plugged the egr valve up? I have read to check the egr valve, you are to unhook it and see if the idle smooths out but do know if you don't get it fixed if it will affect the running ability like described.

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If they have modified the system like this, then who knows what else they did. This is why I always recommend having a vehicle inspected before purchasing a vehicle. I would take this to someone who knows these cars really well, they will know how everything is supposed to be
Is the car not suppose to run if someone plugs the EGR valve up in an effort to bypass it? Your response leads me to believe you are telling me they had to make modifications to get it to run without EGR valve. I don't know one way or another but it is running with just the small idle issue and some vibration on accel.
I will be replacing the EGR Valve but don't see where the bottom vacume line is suppose to hook up. That is why I ask so I can also see if something else is hooked up in its place.
I also gave the car a good look over but for $1500.00, I was not expecting much anyway so now I will repair as much as I can on it and if its over my head I will take it to a professional.