EGR Valve on 1997 Nissan Maxima

My engine light came on, when I had the garage check the code, they told me I needed a new EGR Valve. What problems will result if this is not replaced. Thank you

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hey sinauto, I'm curious about what you stated, how can the gas cap cause an EGR code?
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If you are working on it yourself I would recommend trying to clean the valve out with carb cleaner. Under the valve will be two holes, one to the intake & one to the exhaust. Spray carb cleaner in these holes & stick anything you can down there to help clean out the carbon. The EGR valve itself rarely fails mechanically it just gets clogged with carbon which will make it stick open or closed. If you have someone else do the repair you might as well replace the valve because there is no point paying someone to do a service that might not work.
You will fail the Yearly inspection, in some cars you could have your car misfire, sometimes if you leave your gas cap loose it can cause the EGR code try to replace the Gas Cap and reset the engine light with a Scantool or by disconnecting the battery terminals for 10mins if your radio is OEM from Nissan Make sure you have the radio code before you do this or simply buy a scantool offers some for cheap.