EGR Valve on 2003 Suzuki XL-7

I have 2003 Suzuki XL7 and the "service engine soon" light came on. So I looked in the owners manual to find out it has to do with the EGR Emmision System. I took my car to the dealership today for them to tell me that the EGR Valve needed to be replace and slapped an $800 bill at me. Long story short, I found a place to do it for half that amount so I picked up my car. The light is now off, showing nothing wrong. I tested the bulb to make sure it was still working upon start up of car. It only comes on with all the instrument panel lights and then goes off like it should without a problem. If the EGR needs to be replaced and is not functioning, shouldn't the light still be on?

by in Gilroy, CA on December 31, 2009
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ANSWER by on January 01, 2010
yes, the code may have cleared it self, because a piece of carbon got into the valve and kept it stuck open, which is somewhat common. I would just drive your car until there is a problem. AND I would go the go to the independent shop. At least you can talk to the Tech who is working on your car, which is really important and yes, they are generally less expensive.
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