EGR valve? on 2005 Ford Freestar

Need to clean it without lots of work.Will carb spray clean it up?

by in Bel Air, MD on August 19, 2012
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ANSWER by on August 19, 2012
u may damage valve but use lightly and do it several times. is it that dirty or are you getting codes?
COMMENT by on August 20, 2012
Greg, Thanks for the reply. For years I sprayed "GUMOUT" 2 x a year into the airintake. I let it sit for 20 min then restart car. Now latest is a recall by Ford on the Torque Converter. Fortunately I noticed a trans problem after I got the car. You had to be careful when putting car in gear to allow it to "settle" into that gear, whether it be forward or reverse. If you didn't then when the blades meshed you could strip them eventually, that's the recall. These cars just stop dead when driving.. Repairs scheduled for this Thursday.. Thanks for your feedback..
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