Ford Freestar Problem Report

Ford Freestar Engine Misfire Due to Plugged EGR Orifice

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On higher mileage vehicles, one or more EGR orifice in the intake manifold may plug with sludge. This can cause the engine to misfire when first accelerating because too much exhaust gas is directed into the cylinders where the orifice is not plugged. Cleaning the clogged passages should correct this concern.

Mis-fires - We get error codes that say cylinder 1 and 3 are misfiring (P0301 and P0303) We also just got code P0352-Ign coil B primary Secondary CKTR - Have not researched that yet. -
My Freestar has been sputtering off and on when I try to accelerate, sometimes stalling out on me. It can go days without doing it, then do it all day long for a few days. So far, we have tried changing the fuel filter, and other things my husband thought it may be. We will be checking the EGR Orifice, seeing if it is plugged up. -
with ac on a miss upon acceleration. with ac off, smooth acceleration -
my 2006 Ford Freestar the check engine light will flash the codes tell me that the EGR valve is bad and is missing number 6. put in new spark plug number 6 didn't do any good.will replace the EGR valve to see that fixes the problem. -
egr valve plugged with sludge , spray fuel injection cleaner , and added lucas gas treatment -
Engine starts but will not idle. -
Misfiring ....engine light blinking -
Diagnosis p0106,p2006,p0300,p0305,p0306,p0316,p0174,p0171,p0401,p2197,p2195,p1000,p2006. It does not start in freezing temperature. It idles so fast that I dont have to put my foot on the accelerator for atleast a full city block. It runs rough, stalls at stop lights. -
did not pass smog check. Ford dealer charged 506.00 to replace egr valve -
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