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1998 Honda Accord Question: egr insufficient flow

where are the egr ports on a 1998 4 cylinder Honda accord.i was told to clean them out because i had code 0401 egr, insufficient flow.if i can find them i can clean them? or is it more to this..HELP -
Answer 1
Have you made sure that your EGR valve is working properly? A malfunctioning EGR valve can set a P0401. If it is working properly then it is recommended that you have a professional clean the system because the fuel rail must be removed, with the injectors, and that involves dealing with high fuel pressure which can be very hazardous. -
Answer 2
To get to the EGR passage on a 4 cylinder Accord you have to remove the top portion of the intake manifold. Since this is a labor intensive procedure I recommend that the problem be diagnosed by a qualified technician before any repairs are made. There are many components to the EGR system and each individual part, if not working correctly could cause the check engine light to illuminate with an insufficient EGR flow code. Properly pinpointing the cause of the problem can save you time and money overall. -
Answer 3
See this article about this code:http://repairpal.com/OBD-Code-P0401 -
Answer 4
how i can fix the egr insufficient flow -
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