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2004 Toyota Camry Question: ECU Reset on 2004 Toyota Camry XLE 2.4L

how do you properly reset the ecu on a 2004 toyota camry 2.4l. some say to pull efi fuse and others to disconnect the battery. please explain correct way? -
Answer 1
I think you mean 'how do you clear codes and data from the ECU memory?' Am I right? If so, you need to clear codes and data with a scan tool. Your Toyota specialist has one and can do this for you easily. Here's a directory link for you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=33014&car_brand_names=Toyota -
Comment 1
I know what you mean and I' ve clear codes frrom the ECU/ECM with my scan tool. What I am trying to find out is how to reset the ECU/ECM to original factory settings and allow it to re-learn. I' ve been told that there are several ways to do this. For example: 1) pull out the EFI & other fuses for a few minutes that give power to the ECU computer. 2) remove battery cable (negative and or positive not sure which) for a few minutes, press the horn or brake pedal to drain ECU/ECM capasitor etc. Once the ECU/ECM is reset, you let idle for a few minutes and drive it to allow it to re-learn, idle speed, driving habits etc... My question once again is what is the correct and proper way to reset the ECU/ECM? Thanks again for your help. Looking forward to your professional advice. -
Comment 2
proper way is to turn the ac on drive the car for 10 minutes turn ac off drive another 10 let idle for 20 at a 2200 rpm -