ect sensor on 1992 Toyota Camry

Hi my name is Dan. I am trying to locate a ect sensor for my v6 toyota. The sensor is located on the water neck .Auto parts stores cannot find it on there computers? My engine is the 3vz-fe.

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There are two coolant temprature switches on the drivers side of the engine (one operates the cold start injector the other reports engine coolant temperature to the fuel injection computer). The switch you are looking for has black/red and green wires attached to it.
The wires I mentioned are for the ECT (Electronic Coolant Temperature Switch) which reports to the fuel injection computer what the actual engine coolant temperature is.
The single wire switch in the aluminum housing on the passenger side of the engine with a yellow/green colored wire on it operates the temperature gauge.
I will look tomorrow we had one in the shop on Friday it may not have left yet.
The wires that connect to the sensor are blue with a yellow stripe. And the sensor is on the passenger side of moter on the water neck.