2002 Volvo V70 XC Q&A

2002 Volvo V70 XC Question: ECM fault code 711A- internal fault. what does it affect? Does it control trany?

Car starts and reves OK. Reverse do not engage from P. Only from D. In a few moments all gears are quitting. Motor reves OK but no forward or reverse movement. After shutting off it goes through same routine... -
Answer 1
take it to tranny shop and have them diagnose the problem -
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In Volvo dealership all thay say is that you need a new tranny for 15,000. Which is B.S. The tranny was rebuilt recently including valve body. I am troubling to understand could that be ECM at fault? My Volvo Vida diagnostic program only show one fault 711A, which is internal fault in ECM, but I had this fault for 2 years and car was running and gears were shifting until one day it stopped. Then I rebuilt tranny again and now I can't make it work -