2008 BMW 328xi Q&A

2008 BMW 328xi Question: eats up to much gas.

Just purchased car used. We do love the car but it does eat alot of gas. Is this normal? Do you think there could be a problem? -
Answer 1
depends on the make model and how you drive, yet, it sounds like a problem... get a full tune-up, plugs, cap, rotor, wires, and all filters... then fill up and at next fill up check milage vs ammount of fill up in gals/ = miles per gallon, then check against dealer specs on fuel consumption ratings... -
Answer 2
How many miles does it have? Is it regularly maintained? Is there any warning light on, like Check Engine? What is the fuel consumption? Zee -
Answer 3
Use better gas ... Shell premium is good. Get what you pay for. -