easiest way replace p.s. belt on 1992 Lexus ES300

okay my 1992 es 300 has a two belt system i have looked every where i know oh to find a step by step guide as to how to make the belt swap easy but everything ive read to this put only talks of a 1 belt (sereptine) systemplz help me its about to beat me up like bad

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please verify the actual model year of your vehicle. it can usually be located on the sticker under the hood. "... vehicle conforms to... for 19xx model year passenger vehicles.." and ensure the engine size matches. as far as my knowledge goes, 1992 lexus only had a single serpentine belt, but 91 and earlier had the multiple belt system.
i checked the sticker it was on inside of door the one on the hood seems to be missing as well as the belt diagram it has all the hadware of he v6 3000 ad when i bought the belt i asked for a power steering belt for a 92 the sticker says manfactored in 07/92