E-BRAKE Problem on 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt SS

I am having troubles with the emergency brake releasing fully. When backing up they make a high pitched squeal. I have disconnected both cables from the rear brake assemblies. The cables move freely but where the cables connect at the rear, that assembly is very stiff and won't return to normal. I tried lubricating the assembly with no avail. Do I need to replace the springs or do I have to take apart the back of the assembly to clean and lube??

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I just looked at the workshop manual I see it has drum brakes in the rear with a U-shaped spring to return the brake shoes after pressure is released from the brake pedal. Does the hand brake seem to drag on either wheel, does either rear brake lining look to have any wear pattern that is different than the other side?
I wonder if you disconnect the e-brake cable form one side temporarily and see if the noise goes away than you can isolate the problem to that side.
Often in more severe climates I have had to remove the brake shoes and use Permatex "never seize" where the e-brake lever pivots on the brake shoe.