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Jeep Wrangler Dusty Conditions May Cause the Rear Main Oil Seal to Leak

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Some models are susceptible to rear main oil seal failures in dirty or dusty conditions. As dirt and dust collect on the oil seal, the abrasion wears through the sealing surface. A spacer is used between the bell housing and engine that has a small slot in the 12 o'clock position. Filling this slot with RTV silicone and cleaning the seal area can help prevent damage to the seal.

I coulso could not choose 2014 model which is what I own an unlimited 4 door Jeep Wrangler . I have oil coming out of my rear main seal it is leaking. I also have a friend who owns a 2014 with less than 2000 miles with the same problem. His son has 1600 miles on his 4 - door Rubicon he also has a rear main oil leak. can anybody explain this to me. -
Oil leak at rear main seal -
Rear main seal leaks -
Leak in rear main seal. -
I have a particular problem, apparently the rarest. I took my jeep in because the oil was leaking, well it turned out I needed a crankshaft seal replacement and cam seal replacements. Then I was told that it is some sort of oil pump, and now finally they say it is a special piece that Chrysler no longer makes and it will more than likely need a engine overhaul. I am not going to pay and I am currently looking for help finding answers to my predicament. -
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