During Radiator flush I found suspected engine oil inside,mixed with cool fluid. on 2000 Chevrolet Astro

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What could be the issue?
is it worth to repair, truck run smooth,no somoke,rear differential serviced with new breakes disc,drums etc.
please advise.
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Trans. fluid and engine oil have coolers that run inside the rad. Prob. one of these is leaking into the rad. I dont think it is an engine problem!!
Guys, I took the waterpump, and the radiator, also flushed the Engine oil.
Engine Oil & Trans Oil are clean, Radiator is full of sludge like brown light chocolate mix.
Should I put a new radiator? water pump?
thanks for your answer, The cooland flushed was the orange color,the mix of fluid is brown with "tan" like tarr texture.
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could be intake gasket if you never overheated it. clean system out completely and monitor it to see if it happens agian or seek diag for which it is. headgasket or intake leak
Thanks all for your tips & IDEAS, I took my best bet on a damaged radiator internal leak / damaged Water pump diagnostic.I didnt had a misfire on the engine & drained all the fluids again, changed the pump & washed (yes with dish soap my cooland passages in the block LOL) replaced with new hoses, thermostat,radiator & water pump, I almost drove another 3000 miles on this van and the issue isnt there no more! it took a 12 pack & a good friend willing to help to get it done.
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