2002 Volvo S40 Q&A

2002 Volvo S40 Question: Duplicate car key, where can i get

Recently i lost one of my car key, I need a duplicate ( manual) car key. It looks car key is laser cut key, where can i get the duplicate laser cut car key? Is there any programming is required for duplicate manual car key? Thanks Nalluri -
Answer 1
If it has a chip in it you need to go to a dealership for that car. If you have a no chip key anywhere. The difference will be a chip key will open and start your car. A non chip key can only open your car. -
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Thank you very much for your information. I don't think it has chip in it, but it is a laser cut key. Where can i get the duplicate laser cut key??? I tried in Home depot, they are not doing the duplicate laser cut keys. Thanks Nalluri -
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Laser cut is dealership only. Some of them can do it with the vin number. -