dumping fuel on 2006 Saturn Vue

Just bought - Fuel mileage 10 miles per gallon - I had 2 shops, the second one a pervious saturn dealer - Codes indicate air temp coming into motor 200 degrees.. thought it neede a new ecm $800 plus programming..told me i should go to an authorized dealer.. 3rd dealer went through the diagnotics
said ecm good.. valve dumping fuel.. not sure if they thought the incoming air temp was indicating way high or way low.. theycan't figure out why.. You can smell the fuel- Dealer has had two days now.. Car has get up and go when you punch it.. 68K on the motor.. trans hard shifts at times when warm.

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Sounds like if it's using that much fuel that an injector might be leaking into a cylinder or oxygen sensors may not be reading properly. Also engine vacuum leaks can cause the processor to think that you need more fuel and will dump more.

Intake air temperature issue -- I can't say I'm too fluent on how that would affect fuel usage.
Dealer just called and said I need 4 O2 sensors and an ECM -$1850.00 Engine Service light is not on..
That sounds extremely unusual. Sounds like, "REPLACE EVERYTHING" as a diagnosis.

I strongly recommend a second opinion.
Here is the dealer info: Scan test code PO561 Ran test Declined PCM and HO2 Sensor at this time.. I see 2 O2 sensors on my car nd I though the deler told me all four should be repaced.. Is there 2 or 4 ?? I didn't see any pst the converter unless they are high on the exhaust pipe..
According to my manual, P0561 does not exist for a 2006 Saturn Vue. I checked two separate resources to be sure.

Hard to really tell you what that might mean, other than... have the code cleared, drive the car, and have them test it again if/when the warning light returns.

Yes, there are 4 oxygen sensors - 2 pre-cat and 2 after-cat. Check this link for more information: