dual climate control on 2006 Honda Ridgeline

The passenger side temp control dial works fine on my 2006 Ridgeline. However the driver side control dial does not work correctly. When you turn the dial the temp does not change. Each time you start the viehcle, the driver side will have a different setting. What is wrong and how do I correct the problem?

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i have found that you can get it to adjust if you rock it to one side or the other as if it were a joystick, after you have made an adjustment.
Thanks - I tried your suggestion and it worked.
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You need an Auto Air Conditioner Control Unit, about $400 from either Bernardi Honda ( or Majestic Honda (

Part Number 79600-SJC-A32ZA or 79600-SJC-A32ZB, depending on interior color
Thank you - This was very helpful.
Great info....but how do you determine the interior color? "Dark Gray" and "Warm Gray" are not very specific.

My interior color code is "Type A" - I have light gray cloth interior. Any idea whether I need Dark Gray or Warm Gray?

where is it located?