1994 Lexus SC300 Q&A

1994 Lexus SC300 Question: DTC's

I just checked my trouble code and got a 14 (ignition signal). Does anyone know the things to check for? -
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i suggest you get a obdii code scanner to read the trouble code, TOYOTA Intelligent Tester IT2 are you looking for. http://www.chinasinoy.com/wholesale/toyota-intelligent-tester-it2.html if you feel this tool is too expensive,you can try TOYOTA K+CAN 2.0 commander 2.0 http://www.chinasinoy.com/wholesale/toyota-k-can-20-commander-20-668.html -
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check out the ignitercontrol module on the right hand side behind fust box, pull off plug wire , and replug securely. connector could be bad. if engines cranks and dies, runs somewhat then quits , it could be a bad igniter control module. best to find someone with like car and swap to see it that solves problem. They cost about $ 190. at autozone. Otherwise there is a ciruit issue -