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2000 Jaguar S-Type Question: DSC System

I am getting a DSC System On/Off or Fault that intermittantly comes on. It causes strange things like the radio/clock display goes dead or the miles display goes dead. I am parked now and the car won't even start now. -
Answer 1
Dear DonEmLinda, Your Jag has several computers that need to be scanned to properly determine the 'root' cause of your problem. I would ask around for a good shop who knows how to diagnose modern Jags and tow your car to them. I recommend this because there are so many things/systems that could be causing your problems. Best of Luck! -
Answer 2
The Jags computers basically will reduce performance or not let you turn on the car at all to prevent damage or safety issue. All you might have wrong is a plain speed sensor on the wheel. -
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