driving w/ bad bearings on 1999 Ford Explorer

I was told I needed bearings for my truck. That was a two weeks ago. If I can't get it fixed right away, can I still drive my car? longest trip would be 4-5 hrs

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Which bearings are you referring to? Do you mean the front or rear wheel bearings?

there is definitely something wrong. The wheel bearings should last about 100,000 miles. Who ever did them last march, take the vehicle back and ask that they fix them without charge. This is not right what is happening to you.

I would definitely call them and IF they are an ethical shop, they should take care of it.
Front. I just had them repaired last yr March. Are they suppose need repairing so often? I'm a women so not sure if I'm getting the right care. *strugging shoulders* But I have been here in Va Crystal City for over four years and last yr was the most trouble I have ever had with . I love my Ford Explore..*s* I looked at blue book and its not worth 2,000bucks... because of milage *frown*
Also I had tires put on about three yrs ago could that b the problem I need tires?
Thank you for responds*s* I've been looking for receipt can not fin it. *sad face* Now what do I do? Can I call them? It all should be in computer right?
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I JUST had my wheel bearings on my 02 Explorer replaced for $250. It was making noise and the mechanic said there was 3 inches of play in the wheel. He said driving with a broken bearing is extremely dangerous as the wheel can fall off.