Toyota Camry Problem Report

Toyota Camry Driving Over Bumps May Cause Loud Noises in Body of Vehicle

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Driving over bumps causes loud, annoying noises in the body of the car. If the noise is a groaning or creaking, it can be improved by lubricating the rubber joints in the suspension system. If the noise is a rattling sound, the problem is likely wear and tear on the upper mounting plate for one or more of the suspension struts.

rear body noise while driving on moderately bumpy road. Sounds like a loose 2X4 in the trunk bouncing around. . -
Bumps makes a rattling sound, fine with regular driving conditions -
Noises developed after new struts installed all around. Nodiagnosis by the shop. I suspect it is worn bushings. -
Thumping sound in suspension. Mechanic fixed it when we bought the car. -
very noisy when driving sounds like gearbox mounting -
Same here, when even driving over the smallest things my car will make some sounds, she just needs a lot of tlc but she's a heck of a good car. :) -
I haer aloot of rattling going over bumbs. all of the rubber is shot on the struts. I cannot find any quick struts for the 1994 Camry v6 3.0 becuase none of tthe manufacturers make them. My caution is that many web sites and prts stores are selling the monroe quick struts for the 1994 4 cylinder to owners of the V6. Dont buy them. Monroe says that the springs are different for the V6 and that they dont make them because of the springs! I guess I have to take it to the dealership and have them re build the entire strut assembly. perhaps they can re-use the springs though. This is going to be very pricy! -
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