driverside timing belt wont turn as well as the rotor what now? on 1990 Subaru Loyale

it just died on the road. no spark. i can replace the timing belts but not sure if something major broke on the engine

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You mean it won't turn while cranking engine over? Or have you tried to turn that cam with a wrench?
Is it locked up? Need more info. as to what you have done to check it out then we can tell you what to do
and what not to do like try to turn that cam with a wrench.
I agree with wetry
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NON INTERFERENCE engine. Replace both belts , seals(cams & crank) & water pump. May also want to check tensioner and idler pulleys for bearing wear , if in doubt replace them. 2-5 hour job depending on exp. and clean-up needed/done before re-assembly.Replace coolant hoses also , as needed.
buy another vehicle...
Silver Spur or Yugo(on a flat-bed)?