drivers window came unattached from metal frame at bottom. difficult to replace? on 1994 Chevrolet G Series Van (G20)

with door panel off, do I slide new window down from top, or ???? isn't the window and metal track gonna f up the rubber seal that keeps water out of door?

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Just use "clear silicon adhesive" to reattach the window to the metal glide channel. Just be sure it is aligned properly and gently clamp into place. Leave it that way about 24 hrs. No need to even remove the glass, unless broken!! After the adhesive cures, roll down window and lube the tracks with a silicone spray lube. While you'er at it, lube the passenger window tracks as well... If you must replace the glass, let me know for more info.. Check youtube, may be a video that will help! If not, repost your question if needed.
I use urethane myself, but who am I. :-)
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napa has the proper glue for this repair. made by 3m
Green jelly 'glass magic' available at Wal-Mart...............nevermind........'Proper glue' would be best..................
Proper = whatever works best ....for the installer!! Think i may try Double Bubble on the one i have in the shop now for this repair!