Driver's side window won't roll up on 1998 Ford Taurus

Yesterday afternoon, while waiting for a concert to begin, my driver's side power window stopped raising. I checked all the other windows and have no issues with them - only with the driver's side. While checking the other windows, I noticed that a clicking sound comes from the fuse box under the dash when the other windows raise and when they lower. This same clicking sound can be heard when the down button is pressed for the driver's side window, but not when the up button is pressed. It seems to me that the window would most likely lower if it wasn't already all the way down. I am positive at this point that a faulty fuse is the problem, but since I have never had the owner's manual for the car, I do not know which fuse to check to see if it needs replacing.

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It's not a fuse - a fuse would stop any power window from working, not just one.

I would suspect that you have an issue with the power window motor or regulator on that left front door itself. Pulling the door panel and checking for power and ground at the motor will give you the answer.
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Mine did the same thing and I took it back to the dealer I got it from and the repair man hit the door while pushing the raising and lowering switch a couple of times and it has been working every sense to my surprise. Can't say it will work for all but nothing beats a failure but a try. LOL