driver's side window does not close,,,, common problem is power power switch- on 1999 Nissan Quest

common blog... I need this fixed for my daughter near torrance, california
"Just replaced the switch (part number
25401-7b12---dealer list about $69.) and found the
process a "piece of cake", taking no more than a
minute or two. Balky close problem solved. It's one
piece that includes both window switches plus the door
lock and window operation lock-out switches. One
exterior Phillips screw (under a plastic cap) to
remove the exposed driver's-side switch assembly (no
need to remove door panel) and 4 screws on the
underside to free the switch. Two detachable plugs
and you're home free. All auto electronics should be
this simple (but I imagine the book rate is probably
an hour)."

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Thanks for the information on your fix. You are right the labor charge and diagnostic charges could easily amount to $100. Very rewarding to figure out a problem of any nature and fix it!