2010 Ford Taurus Q&A

2010 Ford Taurus Question: Drivers side blowing hot air and passenger side blowing cold air when seated on

Also blows cold air on passenger side when defrost is on -
Answer 1
Check to see if your car is equipped with dual-zone climate control that has separate temperature controls for driver and passenger. Adjust as necessary. -
Comment 1
Yes it has dual controls but regardless were you set the passenger control it still blows cold air. This is only happening when you go to heat or defrost. I have checked the fuses and looked behind the glovebox to see if I could locate where the damper that controls the passenger side was at. A lot has changed since the last time I have been under the dash of a car lol. Can you point me in the right direction. -
Comment 2
Did you find the solution to this? I'm having this problem with my car. Thanks. -
Comment 3
Hello. I am having the same problem...did you find out how to fix this? Thanks so much!!! -
Comment 4
Behind the glovebox there is a motor that controlled the damper it was bad. It was a $ 100.00 to fix it. That's not bad. -