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2000 Audi A6 Quattro Question: Drivers seat not working

My drivers seat controls just stopped working. Passenger side works just fine. I couldn't find anything in the owners manual about a fuse. So i was wondering if there is a fuse or relay located somewhere else or if the power seat control is just shot. -
Answer 1
Driver seat blowing fuses/won't work: Two wires (white and blue) run from the switch along the side of the seat up into the back of the seat by the left hinge. The wire is protected by a nylon sleeve but still rubs thru at the hinge, look carefully because the exposed wire causing the short will be minor. Cover the bare spot anyway you choose and your good to go. I took my seat out but I suppose you may be able to work with the wires with the seat in. The 30 amp fuse is in the trunk. Seat and window motors very very seldom fail, it's usually the switch or the track or in this case a short. An almost fool proof way to test for this problem is to replace the fuse and operate just the bottom cushion if it works OK, then operate the seat back if the fuse blows it's the short described above. -
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