Driver's lock won't lock/unlock fully using the remote or door panel switch. on 2002 Honda CR-V

One day the driver's door lock just stopped locking and unlocking all the way when I use the remote or the door panel switch. It will move part way but not enough to lock/unlock without using the door key or manually moving the door lock. The other door locks work fine. It doesn't make any strange noises.

What should I ask to have checked when I go to the repair shop?

I always feel like I'm about to be talked into unnecessary expensive repairs when I go to auto shops - I guess they see a young blonde coming and it's "up sale" time.

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It sounds like a problem with the linkage between the actuator and lock. Something is binding or bent or etc.??? The actuator it self or linkage could be coming unfastened and the slop created by this is causing the lack of full throw to lock/unlock. Would need to have a qualified shop look at it and advise. There must be a shop that one of your friends like that they trust. Usually word of mouth is the best way to find a good shop.