driver's door wont open gas cap on 2005 Volkswagen Jetta

there seems to be an electrical malfunction with my drivers side door. It wont open or close any windows, look or unlock doors form drivers side door manually and most important i'm on empty and it wont open the gas cap to full up gas tank. Is there something i can do manually to release the lock i need to get to work and i cant HELP!!! THANK YOU

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Look in your trunk near where the gas cap is, there should be a manual cable handle for your gas cap. It should be in your owners manual as well.
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Just like I had the cable is broken probably in rubber beetween door and car boddy ,what i did cut the rubber with utility knive and soldered the cable the color was light brown of the cable, was the thickest cable.
For the newer body style 2005 Jetta's there is no manual lever to open the gas door. I found the same problem, the think tan cable was broken between the door and body and was able to hold the ends together to get the gas door open and drivers window up until I can get it repaired. Thanks a million to whoever posted that answer!
how much were you charged to get it fixed
sorry answer incorrectly