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2003 Mazda Mazda6 Question: Drivers door won't open

As suggested by Oakman on May 13th 2010, we are now at that stage of having the inside door trim partially off. We can grab the rod mechanism, and when you pull this down the outside door handle moves, but the door still won't open. The latch mechanism looks like it is in a non-servicable black box? Any ideas from here? Thanks, we are in New Zealand -
Answer 1
I you can't get the door to unlatch when you manually actuate the "black box," then either the door and latch are jammed by an accident(?) or most likely, the latch (black box) is faulty. You can usually get a door openj if you can get to the latch lever itself. -
Answer 2
Yy es I had the same problem with my daughters 2004 Mazda 6. I finally had to machine the back off the black plastic cover with dremel tool through access hole in interior door cover once panel is pulled back a bit and press small lever to get the door to open. After I got it opened discovered that the internal spring that returns the mechanism that pushes on the door release had broken. If I had known what I know now, I would have disengaged the rod from the outside door handle (easily disconnects with a snap on door latch thru access hole in black interior hard plastic cover) and lifted up on the rod to get it past the actuator. Then with door unlocked push down on rod and door will open. I have pictures of mechanism if anyone interested. Bonisick@lasercal.com -
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Hi, i just took out the latch mechanism but i dont know where to position the new spring. anybody with a picture of the mechanism with the spring on would help me a lot. thanks -
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