driver window stopped on 1998 Volvo S70

the driver side front window stopped, up thankfully. Do you think it is just the switch, or motor problem? It had been sluggish but no other noises. Also, is the switch easy enough for me to replace in the door it self?

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The switch is normally the problem on this car. To verify if the switch is the problem, you can try jiggling the switch a bit, pushing and pulling up on the switch a bit more aggressively, if the switch is the problem the window will probably start working.

Replacing the switch is fairly easy. You will need to pull the switch housing up and out of the door panel. I use a small metal hook and hook it under the edge in front of one of the switches and pull the housing up. Disconnect the connectors and install the new switch.
To fix the sluggishness, buy some spray silicone from a parts store and spray it into the window seal and operate the window up and down a few times while re-applying the silicone spray.
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I can be the window switch which I have replaced before. If you replaced the window switch and it is still "sluggish" then the window motor casing is broken and then need to replace the window motor regulator mechanism.