Driver side rear door wont unlock. on 2004 Volvo S40

My 2004.5 Volvo S40 T5 driver's side rear door won't unlock with FOB key or manually. Please help.

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Anthony, The door lock assemblies are a common issue with these and that may be what's happening here. Have a shop pull the door panel off to verify.
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first of all, one posting is enough. as far as your door, take it to a shop to have them remove the inner door panel to find the issue with the door latch. there is about 1 hour in labor to remove the panel and beyond that the bid will be up to the shop.

First of all I'm not an idiot, When registering, I was asked to put in a screen name and when I hit submit it showd the name was already taken and kept asking me to put in a new name and resubmit, so I guess the website was submitting each time. Secondly, it is a common problem with this vehicle and I was trying to find someone who had already had the same experience and how it was resolved not for someone to make smart comments.