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1997 Ford Taurus Question: DRIVER SIDE POWER WINDOW

My driver side power window is stuck in the down position. All the other windows work fine. I looked in the fuse box under the dash and noticed a fuse called a driver window relay. Could this be the problem? How much to fix? Car is a 1997 Ford Taurus GL Wagon. Also, when I press the button to raise window up I hear a clicking sound coming from under the dash, not sure if it's coming from fuse box or not. -
Answer 1
The clicking is probably from the relay, so it sounds like it is working. This seems more like a motor problem. Try slamming the door pretty hard while at the same time operating the switch, sometimes this will jar the motor and make it work temporarily. -
Comment 1
I'm glad to have helped! Understand that this is likely temporary, but if it were me I'd keep doing it until it didn't work, then I'd replace the motor! -
Comment 2
thank you munkeyrench you just saved alot of time and money . if in dout slamm it -
Comment 3
Dude! This so worked! I was so skeptical but I tried this and it worked. Now if it rains I'm good! Thank you. It's the simple things that make life that make it good. -
Comment 4
This solution did work - window went up without a hitch. Of course I'm too scared to lower it again but at least I can enjoy the AC and not worry about rain coming in. Thanks for the workable solution without having to see the mechanic right away! -
Comment 5
Thank you guys so much. this really came in handy!!! -
Comment 6
you guys rock -
Comment 7
After having pulled the door apart and not seeing any obvious problems, I decided to go online for a possible solution. This worked immediately, and I only regret that I didn't check here sooner. Munkyrench for president! -
Comment 8
This just worked for me on my 98 taurus, wow glad I didnt' jump en pull everthing part -
Comment 9
Unbelievable, this worked. Thanks for the tip man, really helped out. -
Comment 10
Thank you!!! Yet another rescue from ur advice! To bad I replaced a perfectly good relay switch first lol! Again thank you! -
Comment 11
Worked in my 98 Taurus too....driver window was stuck down, 3 good slams and it's like new lol! You made my day! -
Comment 12
You are the man, I have a 1997 taurus, googled driver side window down and found this from munkyrench. It worked first try. Thank you I would pay you if I could -
Comment 13
Worked on first try. Window has been down for two days, and up it went! -
Comment 14
It is a miracle! -
Comment 15
I tried slamming the door but it didn’t work. So I tried a little twist. I took the door pannal off and tapped the regulator with a wrench while pushing the button. It started working. -
Comment 16
I was at a loss as well, don't want to spend a ton of money on a work car, but with heat indices of 110, air is a whole lot better. I thought I would give it a try and wham, bam, it worked on the first try. THANK YOU, master of munkyrench. -
Comment 17
Folks, *IF* jarring the door with the button actually works, the odds are that the tracks and/or rails are not well lubricated. Recommendation: Spray some silicone lubricant down the rails before you do it and this way the problem may just go away completely without having to jar the window every time you try to raise it. Have a nice day. Oh, also spray the tracks on all your other windows. The driver door gets more use than any other window. Its the canary in the coal-mine telling you that the window tracks are getting dry. -
Comment 18
It didn't work for mine. I tried it a few times. -
Comment 19
Worked first time on my mother-in-law's 1998 Sable. Thanks for the tip! -
Answer 2
tried the answer by monkeywrench and it works (thanks) almost tore up the window and thinking of repalcing the motor. now i'm afraid that it might get stuck again if i roll the window down all the way ., -
Comment 1
See my answer to #1. Lubricate the tracks with silicone spray and avoid the problem for a reasonably long time. -
Answer 3
I only signed up for this to be able to put that munkyrench sure knows what they are talking about. I tried everything and could not get my window to go up, so I googled it and found this site. I tried the slamming and pushing the button and it worked. Thank you soooooooo much. -
Answer 4
Worked perfect!!!!!!!!!!! Just slam the door at the same time. -
Comment 1
Worked first time -
Answer 5
Worked for my 1999 Dodge Durango.... Like Magic! I live in an apartment complex where break ins are popular... You have no idea how much my nerves are calm knowing my truck no longer has a welcome come on in sign. Thanx Munkeyrench! -
Answer 6
Slamming the door while at the same time pushing the power window button works. Don't hit on the door, etc. Just close it firmly while depressing the button. Personally, I'm not replacing my window motor until it won't work at all. Not worth the money or the hassle. -
Answer 7
Munkeywrench...ur advice has helped yet another poor soul... tytytyt -
Comment 1
hey bud ty very much i took it apart but new it was motor but no where to get 1 till tomorrow now it went up 1 try ur the man it was to rain tonight so interior saved -
Answer 8
I removed door panel and tapped window motor with a hammer, press the button, window came right up. Who ever though this up, thank you. -
Answer 9
Hello, The main window switch unit on your car has gone bad. It is not the motor it is the electrical contacts inside your master control window unit on the drivers side. By slamming the door this jars the switch controller. Now this was my issue and you could have a totally different issue but I figured I would post as it seems to be a very common issue with these P.O.S. ford cars. -
Answer 10
JUST LIKE IT STATES is there a fuse -
Answer 11
munkyrench your great. I have a 1998 Ford Taurus SE, driver's side window now works after slamming it 3 times. Thank you so much. -
Answer 12
THIS WORKED! Been driving a 1998 Sable for over a year without the driver's side back passenger window working. Tried it today and it works! Thank you - no $$ out for repairs! -
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