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2006 Volkswagen Passat Question: Driver side door will not open

I have a 2006 Passat. Driver side door will not open from the outside, but inside is ok. any suggestions? -
Answer 1
There is a linkage inside the door that connects the outer door handle to the latch assembly and either it poped off somehow or is broken. The door panel has to be removed to get to this, this is something your local body shop can handle. -
Answer 2
Can not unlock the door with the keyless remote tried to open with emergency key also don't know where to put key n to unlock it please help -
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The dorrs will not open from the outside even if unlocked, however will open when you are inside. Only one door can be open from the outside the driver side rear door.
Changed remote control battery as well now I'm left with option of breaking side door glass! Pls somebody tell me what went wrong. Lights are blinking whenever I try to open with remote control