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1999 Toyota Camry Question: Driver side door lock actuator

The car has automatic door lock. During hot summer time, when I activate the door lock, it will not lock the door completely, I have to manually push the door lock level of the door panel to lock the door. Is it the solenoid or electrical problem ? If it is the solenoid, how easy to replace. -
Answer 1
Most likely it's the door lock actuator. If you can do the repair is dependant upon wheather you can remove the door panel. -
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The other day i was in my car and push down on the door lock. A while later i was trying to get out of my car and the door lock did not come up at all. Does not work with the key either. So now i h...
The driver's side door will not lock either automatically of manually. All of the other doors lock and unlock using the automatic door lock/unlock button.
with the inside door switch on drivers door panel you hear what sounds like solonoides are working on the other 3 doors but they don't unlock
frequently the drivers door on this car locks and will not open with a key or switch. I treated the lock with break free lube and graphite and it worked okay for a few days but now is stuck again. ...