Driver side blows cold air while the passenger side blows hot air? on 2005 Ford Five Hundred

What would cause my Ford Five Hundred with climate control to blow cold air drivers side and hot air on the passengers side?

DId you adjust the temperature on the passenger side?
Yes! I actually moved the temperature up and down to see if it could maybe start back to working. I believe an actuator is not working. I am probably going to also replace the damn compressor as well. I am royally peeved with Ford and after this episode I am done with Ford Automotive.
You are not alone! i bout my ford 500 about 1 year ago and it started doing the same thing yours is! Its very nerve racking!
I had the same problem. I pulled a vacuum on the coolant lines and then pressurized the system again with coolant and now both sides blow cool air like new. This was a lot cheaper and easier than replacing the compressor.