Driver Side Blinker Lights Not Working? on 2004 Toyota Tundra

My driver-side blinker lights aren't working. When I engage them there's a fast clicking noise but the blinker light display on the dash does not light up. The passenger blinker lights work just fine. When I engage the Hazards, only the passenger lights work. I've replaced both Driver Side blinker bulbs and check all fuses. Is there something Im missing? Never did find a fuse labeled 'blinker'. Any help is welcomed please.

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Flasher, most likely, bulb ground possible. Only one flasher for both sig. and haz.!
ANY work on truck body front or rear?
I egree with wetry
No major work has been done on the truck. Isnt it unusual to have two separate fuses for each blinker side?
(I) have not found any vehicles that have a fuse for both left & right directional lights!
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maybe the bulbs are bad
From what I read, dont think two new bulbs would be.