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2004 Toyota Tundra Question: Driver Side Blinker Lights Not Working?

My driver-side blinker lights aren't working. When I engage them there's a fast clicking noise but the blinker light display on the dash does not light up. The passenger blinker lights work just fine. When I engage the Hazards, only the passenger lights work. I've replaced both Driver Side blinker bulbs and check all fuses. Is there something Im missing? Never did find a fuse labeled 'blinker'. Any help is welcomed please. -
Answer 1
maybe the bulbs are bad -
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From what I read, dont think two new bulbs would be. -
Answer 2
Flasher, most likely, bulb ground possible. Only one flasher for both sig. and haz.! ANY work on truck body front or rear? -
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I egree with wetry -
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No major work has been done on the truck. Isnt it unusual to have two separate fuses for each blinker side? -
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(I) have not found any vehicles that have a fuse for both left & right directional lights! -