1999 Mercury Sable Q&A

1999 Mercury Sable Question: driver power seating

The power seating in the driver's seat isn't working and the seat is all the way back. What part should I be looking for when going to Auto Repair shops? -
Answer 1
It could just be a fuse. Fuse #4 in the power distribution box, front center of vehicle under hood. Hopefully this is all that's wrong with it. I only wish the seat not working would be all that's wrong with our 99 Sable. Haven't even had it a year and it has been a nightmare already. -
Answer 2
Look for a blown fuse to drivers seat. Also, the wiring for the seat runs under the carpet and sometimes corrodes from salt and water. Also could be just the rails rusted. -
Answer 3
Its a fuse... -
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